20+ years.

That's how long I've been doing what I love, and it doesn't get old!

  • Defining each step and Perfecting someone's vision and bringing it to life is so satisfying and amazing.
  • Solving all the problems that should take down a project is my very favorite part.
  • Finding the best cost solutions that are sustainable and fit nearly perfectly is the challenge that sets me apart.
  • Learning new skills and industry insight keeps everything fresh.

Essentially, I partner with superheros, and sometimes superheros-in-training, to create online systems.

That includes:

  • web sites
  • courses
  • sales funnels
  • email campaigns
  • landing pages
  • social media ads
  • content
  • and more

All the tech and design that increase reach and bring in higher engagement based on your goals.

And I'm pretty good at taking what feels impossible and making it happen in the straightest line – without all the drama.

My design philosophy can be summed up in this: Simple is sophisticated. Simple is not easy to accomplish! Design's job is to get out of the user's way.

I tend to stick with WordPress because it works for most cases, and is easy for my clients to learn and manage.

I favor Kajabi as a course platform, however, and Clickfunnels for sales funnels.

I believe in finding the BEST COST solutions - that means I do due diligence and get creative to find solutions that meet your requirements AND your budget.

I think LONG-TERM - how is this going to continue to be effective long after the immediate need is fulfilled. Is it manageable given the probable outcome? Who will run it? What is it's life-expectancy?

I don't want you to waste your TIME OR MONEY either now or in the future.

My Immediate Goals:

Build a solid reputation for excellence in my field.

Help 1000 people create their online presence with success next year.

Bring hope and help to those who otherwise have none through online business and ministry.

Give $25,000 to missions within 12 months.


Mission Statement:

I am on a mission to rescue people from overwhelm, from stress, from the limiting belief that they cannot succeed in THEIR mission, from feeling lost and trapped and hopeless, from feeling they are alone.

The enemies I fight are past disappointments, information overload, fakes, bullies, lack of integrity, and limiting mind-sets

What I'm Into:

My boxer, Bentley

Star Wars nerdom

The Office

Music Ministry

Moving my workflow to my iPad Pro

Pretending to get fit

Tech Implementation
User Experience
Course Building