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Here's What You'll Learn


Learn how to choose the right fonts for the right messages, where to get them, how to use them efficiently. Get out of your head, out of decision-paralysis and make your brand stand out!

Colors & Layout

Did you know there is a psychology behind the colors you use and how people see them? Picking the right color can mean the difference between making sales and turning people off!

CSS Tricks

Get the little tips and tricks that make a website come together for every browser and every device. Optimize your site and give it the character that appeals to your audience and sets you apart.

Responsive Design

If your site is not responsive, you are losing sales, period. Google penalizes non-responsive sites, and statistically mobile website traffic now averages 55% compared to 44% desktop. Learn how to get your site responsive!

My Best Resources

If you're struggling to know what platforms really help and what's just hype, you'll be in love with this info. I've tried them so you don't have to! And I deliver my super secret sauce for keeping my overhead low and my productivity high!


Get organic traffic to your site with easy and fundamental action items to optimize your site for the major search engines. It's free, and you need to start SEO today!

All the Tech

Let's get over the myth that this is too much. I'm going to do the hard part for you -- eliminate the learning curve. Follow my step-by-step instructions to get the foundation laid -- to you can focus on what actually moves the needle!


You can influence others to take action on your site, but it takes skill to say the right things at the right times. Let me take you through some basics that will turn your website into a money-maker.

What's Working

Learn what is working in digital marketing -- tried and true methods for getting butts in seats and creating profitable streams rather than just wasting your time. Knowing where to put your time and money is key!

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